December 09, 2005

Final report on HR project

I would like to publicly acknowledge my group. I think we are winners as every other team. We worked together and focused on ours goals. If we had known in the beginning we would be “judged” on quality, and production. We would have choose those goals and focused more on them. Again the goals and feedback from this project were not clear. In an organization one looks to the CEO for leadership and carries out their goals. It was our impression that each group set their own goals. There were several goals listed in the text from the CEO, with no one having more priority. Our group was also considered with quality and production but in the real world you can not get these things “right” if you do not have the right people doing the work, or if your workforce is not happy with their work conditions.

Learning plan

The learning plan has lead me to truly think about how I am going to accomplish my goals. Unlike the majority of the class time is really ticking and I don’t plan on working too much longer in a field I am not in control of. It is very important that I have a structured plan that can be achieved within the next years.

Meredith and Prof. Powley have helped me get on track. With this learning plan I have become more focused. I would like to continue a relationship with them as I feel they are both excellent resources .

HR Simulation

HR Simulation has proven to be both rewarding and challenging.
There continues to be not enough feedback from the COE on the status of the project.
After each incident there should be more feedback other than the short comments on the sheet. In order to truly learn what one has done “right” or “good” we need feedback. I feel there is not enough feedback.

November 06, 2005

Jonah Creighton Case

Racial discrimination is something that will ever go away. It is defined in our text as “the actual behavior resulting from prejudice” In the business world it is usually “disparate treatment” in which different standards are used to treat different classes of employees or “disparate impact” in which standards appear to be neutral but are not. Over the last three decades efforts to fight racial discrimination has and will continue to be apart of our history. The civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s made great achievements with the passage of important legislation; decisions of the Supreme Court and regulations of federal agencies have contributed greatly to fighting discrimination, yet it is evident that there is still a great deal of work to be done. It is no secret that racism, the belief that one race is superior to another, remains a serious social problem in the workplace as seen at Coulding-Henson. CHAMP is addressing diversity by actively recruiting minorities but their customers are not, causing Jonah Creighton to be faced with a big dilemma as Assistant Director of CHAMP.
Creighton has some discussions to make. He has to decide whether he is going to stay on his career track and stay with this company or cut his loses and leave. If he should decide to stay he needs to either kept quiet or have a concert plan to make sure there was something in place to explore the discrimination practices and correct them. He feels it was unethical, and illegal to continue to recruit minorities if they were not going to be given a fair chance to be placed abroad. He was also face with a moral issue of wanting his company to be accountable for their part of this practice of institutional racism.
I was glad to learn that Nonah had left the company. (see in case b handout)

November 02, 2005



Ethics are “standards” of human conduct, similar to morals which are developed by ones culture. Society, family help one to form their ethics. People usually will have very different ethics dependant on the environment. Everyone has some type of ethics but is any of them right or wrong? Who’s to tell?

The article we read dealt with ethics in the workplace. I would say if you have “high” ethics you will bring them to the workplace. I think what happens in the workforce is people sometimes are more accountable for their behavior but if they think they can get away with it they will try anything. For example the use of the internet at work. Some think you should not use it at all unless it relates to company business but everyone does it. Is this unethical? Many belief no, unless you are using it to view pron.

The exercise we did in class showed how as a class we were in relationship with others, what it did not show is how ethical we really were.

harrah's case

Competition is intense in the industry of gaming. Harrah’s Casino had moved from a product-based operation to a marketing-based, customer-obsessed company. Harrah’s knew how customers impacted their business so the wanted to make sure they achieved and maintained the highest quality standards when dealing with their customers. They believed they not only needed to be competitive with pricing but needed to improve their customer service. They were aware they had one chance to build customer loyalty. Harrah knew in order to be successful; they needed to focus every employee on continuous quality, customer service, and efficiency. They created the Total Rewards program in order to collect information and customer preferences so they could form a marketing strategy to meet the customer’s needs

The Total Rewards program did work and contiues to work for Harrah.
I am sure they do not continue to invest as much money as they did in the begining but it did achieve of its main goals.

Both Winn, and Loveman are still at Harrah, this alone shows their Commitment to the organization and its people

October 06, 2005

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself

This article jumped starts my thinking to branding myself. I am at a point in my life were I am unsure of my further at the University and I need something to fall back on. The person that really sparked my interest is Yvonne White, the event planner. This is something I love to do and I would be interested in starting a new career doing this. I have emailed her for some helpful tips. The article gave the six steps and I have already done step one and step two working on step three and four. I have done several weddings as a wedding planner but I am looking to expand doing other events. I had hope we would discuss this article more.