Oct 13, 2008

Hi all!

So here's a [hopefully] quick little update on what I've been up to so far during my London adventures! Some of it may be repetitive, so for that, I do apologize.

In the last two weeks, we've mostly been getting to know the area and exploring a little bit. For example, there's a youth hostel down the road, right in front of the General Practitioner, etc. We're also quite close to the Borough Market, which is the oldest market in London and has only sells food. They have some really great fruits and vegetables and it's really neat to look around there. My walk to school is also absolutely beautiful! However, seeing as it's about 40 minutes long, generally we take the bus. Still, it's really nice, at the end of the a long day, to cross the Waterloo bridge and get a fantastic view of the Houses of Parliament on one side, and St. Paul's Cathedral on the other.

Classes have also started as well. Three of my four classes are really interesting and I really like them. So far, Finance, History of Economics: How theories change, and Modernity and the State: Comparative History of China, Japan and Korea have proved to be fantastic. Unfortunately, the third course, Comparative Late Industrialization in Russia, India, and Japan, not as much. Still, even the lecturers and the professors have admitted that this class can be a little dry and boring, so I'm going to keep going with this one and see how it turns out. Hopefully it'll start to pick up once I can actually get a hold of the reading materials!

This past weekend, we took our first trip out of the London borders to Woking. Actually, I stayed in a small village outside of Woking called Chertsey. It was a tiny little town, its only claim to fame is being the setting for the book and original movie War of the Worlds, indicated by an alien statue in the town's center. To entertain us, our host families took us to Windsor Castle and let us spend the day exploring Windsor and Eton. Unfortunately, we did not run into any Princes or any such notorious pupils at the Eton College, but the town was beautiful and really nice to see.

Also, British reality television is much better than American reality. Hands down!

My other exciting news is that I'm going to be a DJ for a show on LSE radio! I'm in charge of classical music hour, with a co-host (who I have yet to meet) and should be on Mondays, from 5:30-7 London time, so that's 12:30-2 EDT. If you want to hear me play classical music and make an absolute idiot of myself, listen online at www.pulse.dj starting next Monday! I do also take requests, so PLEASE send me something you want to hear or I'll feel totally silly and un-listened to :D.

My schedule is a little weekend heavy, but it's nice because that way I have Mondays off! Unfortunately, tomorrow starts my long days of studying and thus I should probably be going to be soon. As always, pictures are on Facebook, and I'm always on Skype!

Hope all is well in the states (minus the financial world, of course)! Everyone's really excited about the election here, I can't imagine how exciting it must be back home!



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