December 04, 2006

Which classes to take?

As this fall semester of 06 comes to an end it brings with it the scheduling part. This is when students, including myself, will select the classes in which they will take next. With me being in a business major I always plan on taking as many business classes as I can. Next semester I plan on taking classes such as statistics, accounting, and the second class to this one which is management 251. I feel that it is important to choose my classes with care because they cost money and I don’t want to take something that I don't need. Also being a business major I have a curriculum I must follow. Again I feel that selecting classes are a very important part of college.

December 03, 2006

Numbers and Managing

In the begging of this semester my classmates and I were assigned into groups for an HR simulation project. This project was created to simulate what it is like to manage a company. It is also teaches us how to work together in a group and how to accept others opinions. As we get close to finishing up our HR simulation we have to write a final year report. In this, we will discuss everything that has happened throughout the year and all we have done. During this HR simulation we had to deal with a great deal of numbers and computations. Business is all about numbers and we learned that in this simulation. We learned how to control money by hiring employees and buying programs which improved our company. We also learned what was better to invest on and how to succeed even though we had a limited budget. Numbers are an essential part to anyone who is running a business. You must learn how to deal with them and be able to manage your budget. I feel like this HR simulation has thought me that and also given me a good grasp on what being a manager is like.

December 02, 2006


Recruiting is something that is done by almost everyone in our world today. Anytime a company needs to hire more workers or fill out a position needed they go out and recruit possible employees. From college graduates to anyone looking for a job, recruiting plays a big role for them in deciding if they have what it takes or what is needed to get the position. Not only does recruiting involve hiring and finding the perfect person for the job, it is also a big part of sports. Any sports team, if it is college or professionals, have someone who takes care of recruiting athletes. These recruiters are the ones that are always paying visits and watching these athletes perform. Many times having a good recruiter leads to championship runs with great assets to follow. Recruiting is very essential and it must be done right. Having the right person as a recruiter is sometimes what separates great companies or sports teams from average ones.

December 01, 2006

Self Evaluations

Self evaluations are very important when running a business. It is good to get the opinion of your employees and to see how everyone in your company is doing. As managers in today’s world, it is a key thing to let your own workers self evaluate themselves. Managers throughout the year are always watching and keeping an eye close on everything that gets done and who is doing the job. When these employees evaluate themselves managers get to see what they are thinking. Also these self evaluations allow the managers to make corrections or give employees any advice necessary.

November 28, 2006


In todays business world there are many job positions that are taken and available just as fast. When working at a company the hiring and dismissing becomes a lot more intense and it is an issue that must be handle with care. When it comes to dismissing someone it is normally a job done by the main person or the so called "big boss". It is important to make sure that when doing this everything is done properly. There have been many incidents where companies were sued because they dismissed someone in a wrongly manner. I agree and believe that when performing something like firing someone you must first pull that person aside and have a quick meeting with them. There you will let the employee know what he/she did wrong and tell them someone will escort them to get their things and go. It is not an easy job to do such thing happens frequently in our business world.

November 08, 2006


Feedback is something I feel is very important in everything you do. It helps you correct your own mistakes and become better at what you’re doing. When it comes to a job, feedbacks are very crucial. It can cause fights, arguments, or happiness. At times there are people that don’t take feedbacks very well and get defensive about them. Others take it very good and look at it as a chance to improve on what they did wrong. As far as my management class every time I hand in a paper I get a feedback on what I wrote. I like getting feedbacks on my paper because then I know what to fix or what changes to make. Feedbacks are great because many times it is hard for me to see what I did wrong. When an outsider checks my work they can easily pick out the things I did wrong and correct me. Although feedback is very good it needs to be made at the right time. Timing is a very important factor when it comes to giving feedback. You must always make sure that you never single someone out. You must either pull them aside or make a group comment. Overall feedback is used in many things including jobs. It is a method that allows people to give their opinion about what is right or how to do things.

November 07, 2006

Racial Discrimination and Hiring

In my management 250 class I wrote a paper on Jonah Creighton's case. This case involved a person who worked for the company and witnessed racial discrimination. In today’s world racial discrimination is illegal but still performed at some places. It is a very dangerous and difficult situation to deal with. In this case Jonah, who was the worker, heard about someone not getting a job because they were black. If you were in his situation what would you do? Would you say something and jeopardize your job? Believe it or not there are many people that see things like this everyday and do nothing about it. The ones that do usually have to pay a price but they know it is done for the best. It's sad to think that there are people out there who have no feelings and do not care about anyone else but themselves. It's sad to think that some people look at others like they are different. Racism is something that I can't stand and hopefully many agree. God created everyone the same and said treat others like you would want to be treated. That's how I live my life and do not plan to do any different.