October 19, 2006

Blogs are Funny

So, today in SAGES we talked about Blogging, so I decided to dig up this old one that I made last summer and write something on it. I was thinking about just plain making fun of blogging in general - like write a really emo one about how my life as a sophomore stinks and how ever class I take feels like they are trying to kill me and yada yada yada - but I guess maybe I'll think of something worth while to say.
*three minuets later* The problem is, is that I really don't feel like I'm really a good candidate for blogging. I don't really have any startling opinions that I WANT the greater universe to know about. Why I have this hesitation is because I am aware that the internet is a horribly public place, and I'm not comfortable not knowing who in the world is looking at my blog. Every Sunday I send an e-mail out to everyone who I still care about keeping in touch with, and I feel like that is ok because I know who those people are personally. But on the internet... I might not even know who you are who are reading this right now - and that unnerves me.
I guess I'll go do some homework now - continuing with the "I'm a sophomore and my life stinks" run.

May 15, 2006

Music in Thwing

With this semester's classes over and around two weeks between now and when summer semester's classes/work begin, I thought I would enjoy the easy life for a while - trying to forget of course the C in math and the fact that most of my friends have gone home. Today, I began this endeavor by sleeping in until the amazingly late hour of 7 o'clock (I'm not even sure I woke up at this time at all during the last month) so that I might, perchance catch a ride to the main quad for a 10 o'clock meeting. This turned out to be an intellegent move as it has been pouring rain pretty much all day. I know I'm setting myself up for a horribly hot summer by saying this, but what happened to the blistering heat that I was told so much about?

Anyways, I was terribly tired from a Mystery Science Theatre party the night before, but I told myself that the hour and a half before my meeting was hardly enough time to get the sleep I felt I needed. So, instead of passing out for half an hour like I did all semester between classes, I embarked in a strange practice I have not participated in since the semester began - and opened a book for recreation. *gasp* And the time passed quickly...

I went to my meeting, and found that the professor wasn't there. SO, I informed the secretary I would be back at 11. I proceeded to once again tell myself that an hour was hardly enough to time to pass out sufficiently, and read again. At 11, he was still not there, and being the quitter I guess I am, I gave up and walked to Thwing. Here I passed out on a couch, and ironically decided that more then an hour was far too long to sleep and be unproductive. When I once again gained consciousness I realized how board I actually am without classes or people. This thought was certainly inspired by the Backstreet Boys song playing over Thwings incredible soft rock station with the added bounus of this strange man sitting across from me who hadn't blinked in the 40 minuets he's been here. So, being the social butterfly I am, I decided to check out this whole blog thing.

Maybe Justine will stop bugging me now about not posting my life for all the world to see.