January 13, 2010

new year forward

Well, it's another new year, so time for my annual post. I am hoping that there will be more than one post this year. I just find that things get too busy and blogging is at the end of my priority list.

I am in the second year of my doctoral coursework, which is continuing to be a challenging and energizing proposition. I will not be teaching this spring, in order to focus my energy on doing well in my own academic work. (That was actually a hard choice to make, as I really like teaching).

I am trying to focus on my fellowship duties and coursework and get as much as I can from this opportunity - which will be over all too soon! I am hoping that this spring will allow me to be more involved in some research projects and move forward with publishing as well.

January 26, 2009

Reflections on I-Doser

Of course, there is still the original question about "I-Doser" which it is hard to get a handle on - most of it appears to be a scam along the lines of on-line viagra ads. There appears to be little scientific evidence one way or the other, but lots of links to You Tube videos, and sites selling audio files offering various "highs." I suspect that the effect is a placebo effect, but there is much about the brain which we don't know, so without evidence one way or the other, it's hard to know!

It's also interesting to note that adolescents (and adults) are still looking to pay money and experiment with something they view as "mind-altering" and "safe" regardless of whether it actually works or not. Humanity's search for something larger than oneself.

Interesting Blog I Found

I found this blog when trying to research the "I-Doser" which came up at work (Somehow there was a concern that this might be something that might start to come up with students - I am still not clear how that concern evolved) but the blog is an interesting site which is looking at neuroscience and psychology.

new year, new resolution

I am intending to make this blog a more active source of my learning in the field. I am currently enrolled in the PhD program at MSASS at CWRU, and still working part-time in the field. I may not be teaching this semester but hope to teach again in the fall.

January 19, 2008

New course this spring - Child psychopathology

This semester brings another new course - child psychopathology - basically a DSM course (assessment and diagnosis). Should be interesting! In my current setting (suburban school social work with a prevention focus) I don't have to diagnose because it is a prevention program. This has both pros and cons. Since I am not fully assessing & diagnosing, it keeps me honestly doing prevention, not treatment. But a segment of the students referred to me would be well-served by having a thorough psychosocial assessment, so that they could be referred to the appropriate programs & providers.

Assessment and diagnosis always seems like solving a puzzle to me - trying to find the right pieces of information and fit them together so that they make sense and point the direction for treatment.

SASS 440 - child development texts

I'm afraid that I ended up being disappointed in the Austrian text after my intial excitement. I'm not sure that it's really challenging at a graduate level, and I wish it had more practical examples/scenarios to illustrate the theories that it's referencing. So my search for the ideal graduate level child development text will continue.

Out of Action report

I'm afraid that the Fall of 2007 was very stressful with my mother being very ill, which meant that my blog went into hibernation. She's doing better, so I will try to resume a meaningful professional blog.