Smash the Demon Hordes

In a previous entry, I talked about fundamentalist-Christian-themed video games. When Mano Singham suggested the development of a game based on end-times hysteria, I pooh-poohed the idea (which Blackadder should have taught me never to do), citing insurmountable content difficulties. My New Balances were probably lodged firmly in my molars at that point, but I didn't discover it until just now.

It turns out that a group of canny investors saw the opportunity to cash in on the Left Behind phenomenon with a series of video games based on the popular books. They've been quietly working away since 2001, at the height of the Left Behind Inspirational Story and Mass-Marketed Licensed Spinoffs Money Machine's popularity, and claim to anticipate the release of their first game, "Eternal Forces," this year. The website contains a remarkable lack of information for a game that's due out in the next five months, though, and Gamespot places the release in first-quarter 06.

At any rate, it appears I was wrong: You CAN build a computer game based on modern endtimes-based pseudo-theology.

Edit: Slacktivist has some commentary on this one.


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