December 11, 2006

Last Day of Class

This week was our last session of Management 250. As our final exercise, Professor Piderit asked each member of the class to mention his or her favorite activity of class this semester. Also, we had to recognize one person in the class that made our experience throughout the semester better. My favorite activity of the class was the mock interview. I felt it gave me a valuable experience into the world of business. It also made me feel more confident in setting up interviews with company’s, who are offering summer internships. I gave recognition to my entire HR simulation group instead of just one person in the class. Our success this semester was a result of each team member’s contribution, and it would not have been fair to recognize only one person.
I am excited that this semester is over, but I will value all the things I learned in Management 250. After our final class ended, I felt that what I have learned in class has provided me with more real world experience that any other business classes I have taken. I am looking forward to next semester and I hope everything goes well in Management 251.

December 09, 2006

Final HR Simulation Results

On Monday, my HR simulation team met for the last time. The results for the final quarter of our company, Motel 6, were much better than we expected. For example, our company’s morale was at an outstanding ninety-three out of one-hundred compared to the industry average of seventy-eight. Striving for high morale was a goal of our company since the first quarter of the second year, so we were very proud to have done so well. In class on Thursday, Professor Ponamallee recognized the companies with the best overall results in three different categories. Motel 6 earned the award for Highest Productivity but fell just one point shy of earning the award for Highest Morale. This was a great achievement of our HR simulation group and we are hoping to work together next semester.

December 03, 2006

Employee Termination

Recently in class, we discussed employee termination. This is one aspect of Human Resources that can be a tough issue to tackle and we learned the best way to go about discharging an employee. For cases such as sexual harassment, petty larceny, or assault, firing an employee is an easy choice, because any one of these technicalities are basis for termination. However, sometimes the grounds for letting go of an employee are not so specific. For example, if an employee is incompetent, then there must be clear evidence of this. Also, alternatives to releasing the incompetent worker must be considered. Morale of other employees is another consideration when an employee is discharged. Workers may be fearful that their job is on the line if they are not aware of the reasons for the other employee’s termination. In cases such as these, Human Resources must be very careful as to not hurt worker morale.

November 30, 2006

Summer Internship

Of the most interesting topics of Management 250 lectures has been the one about summer internships. A representative from the career center provided a power point presentation about the different internship opportunities the career center can help provide for the summer. Several people, including myself, asked questions about this process, and her responses shed a lot of light on what I should do for the summer. After the presentation, I strongly considered using the career center as a source for getting a summer internship this summer in Cleveland. Initially, I wanted to work in New York City for the summer, but the presenter made me realize how many possibilities are waiting here in Cleveland.

Peer editing

In our last Management 250 class, we reviewed the second parts of our learning plans. With our prepared rough draft of the learning plan, we had to travel around the classroom and peer edit each other’s papers. The interactions I had with other students were positive ones. No one was overly critical of my work and each person offered me great advice of how to improve my paper. I found it interesting to read my classmates learning plans because it gave me a good look into their lives and what their goals for the future are. I had a very good discussion with one particular classmate who had similar career goals as me. After peer editing each other’s papers, we talked about our majors and how the classes we were taking would be very useful for the future. After returning to my seat, I looked at my paper and realized how valuable peer editing can actually be.

November 10, 2006

Feedback and Coaching

The topic for this past Thursday's Management 250 lecture was feedback and coaching. The class was shown several PowerPoint slides as to the significance of feedback in the workplace and how it is considered a negative thing to most people. Instructions were given to break into small discussion groups, and each group was given a vignette describing an incident. My group received a vignette describing a person's concern about a misunderstanding in the workplace, and he wanted to know how to approach his boss. We referred to the slides and agreed that the best approach for the person would be to use SAFE. SAFE is an acronym that stands for S-ummarize, A-sk, F-ormulate a plan, and E-xpress. Using this approach the person would successful in showing his concern about the issue while maintaining a professional attitude.

November 08, 2006

Catch Your Dreams

The other day in class, we participated in the Catch Your Dreams exercise. The instructions were to write down seventeen goals that you plan on achieving in your lifetime, each on a separate post-it note. After completing this, the next objective was to categorize each goal into different cluster groups. My first cluster group was "things I will most likely achieve." One of the goals in this cluster was becoming a father and raising a family because it is an important goal for me and something that I feel is highly attainable. The second cluster group was things I might achieve. For this, one of my goals was owning a ski house in Utah. Things I will most likely not achieve was the third cluster group. Riding in a barrel over Niagara Falls and boxing a kangaroo were some of the goals in this group because, although I thought they would be fun and interesting to do, I had doubts whether I would ever complete them in my lifetime.
This exercise was very interesting because it made me consider some of my aspirations in life and it also tapped into my imagination. Some of the things I put down made me consider whether the goals I have set for myself are worth pursuing or not. The next step in my life is to consider which of these goals are priorities.