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Recently, I received an envelope in the mail, from my mother, containing an article from The New York Times. My mother, a succcessful businesswoman, has taken it upon herself to send me every article that she finds interesting and that she thinks may relate to my life as a business student. On most occassions, I quickly look over the articles she sends me, but this one really caught my attention.
The article, "You Can Complain, or You Can Make Money", by Ben Stein, explains that as a college student there are some important decisions one has to consider for him or herself. Choosing a major is one of these decisions. I think that by choosing Management as a major I have taken a step in the right direction. As far as getting a good job out of college goes, I have Management 250 to thank for that. This class has really helped me develop and shape some of the professional business skills I didn't even know I had. The resume building skills I learned in class will be very valuable in displaying myself as a worthy candidate to companies in the future.
Overall, the article was trying to convey the point that the business world is vastly expanding and the one should aspire to get a job working with a well-known, and successful company. As Warren Buffet once said, "You are better off being mediocre in a great business than being great in a mediocre business." So far, Management 250 has helped me do this by inspiring me to start considering my future in business.


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I feel like the article you read applies to more then just the business world. If you look at the College process it is sort of the same thing. If I could do everything over again I would have gone to the University of Indiana because it has a big name and its business school is as good if not better then Case. Case may be a great school but it is not well known, having gotten mediocre grades at Indiana probably would have been better then getting good grades here at Case. Keep in mind I am talking about Case's reputation where I come from on the east coast, in the mid-west Case has a better reputation. Anyway, I like the thought process about weighing the value of a middle position in a big name company compared to a high ranking position in a smaller one.
-Jonathan Maruri

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