Catch Your Dreams

The other day in class, we participated in the Catch Your Dreams exercise. The instructions were to write down seventeen goals that you plan on achieving in your lifetime, each on a separate post-it note. After completing this, the next objective was to categorize each goal into different cluster groups. My first cluster group was "things I will most likely achieve." One of the goals in this cluster was becoming a father and raising a family because it is an important goal for me and something that I feel is highly attainable. The second cluster group was things I might achieve. For this, one of my goals was owning a ski house in Utah. Things I will most likely not achieve was the third cluster group. Riding in a barrel over Niagara Falls and boxing a kangaroo were some of the goals in this group because, although I thought they would be fun and interesting to do, I had doubts whether I would ever complete them in my lifetime.
This exercise was very interesting because it made me consider some of my aspirations in life and it also tapped into my imagination. Some of the things I put down made me consider whether the goals I have set for myself are worth pursuing or not. The next step in my life is to consider which of these goals are priorities.


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