Summer Internship

Of the most interesting topics of Management 250 lectures has been the one about summer internships. A representative from the career center provided a power point presentation about the different internship opportunities the career center can help provide for the summer. Several people, including myself, asked questions about this process, and her responses shed a lot of light on what I should do for the summer. After the presentation, I strongly considered using the career center as a source for getting a summer internship this summer in Cleveland. Initially, I wanted to work in New York City for the summer, but the presenter made me realize how many possibilities are waiting here in Cleveland.


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Posted by: William Moses
Posted on: December 13, 2006 12:02 AM

I agree Cleveland has a lot of potential. However if you want to go to a bigger city do so. It would be a once in a lifetime experince, that you would never forget.

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