Final HR Simulation Results

On Monday, my HR simulation team met for the last time. The results for the final quarter of our company, Motel 6, were much better than we expected. For example, our company’s morale was at an outstanding ninety-three out of one-hundred compared to the industry average of seventy-eight. Striving for high morale was a goal of our company since the first quarter of the second year, so we were very proud to have done so well. In class on Thursday, Professor Ponamallee recognized the companies with the best overall results in three different categories. Motel 6 earned the award for Highest Productivity but fell just one point shy of earning the award for Highest Morale. This was a great achievement of our HR simulation group and we are hoping to work together next semester.


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Posted by:
Posted on: December 12, 2006 11:58 PM

Yes I agree. I feel that we had the potential for being the best company period. However we were able to get done twice the work in half the time of other groups. I feel that working together again would be a great idea.


Posted by: William Moses
Posted on: December 13, 2006 12:00 AM

that was me above.

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