Last Day of Class

This week was our last session of Management 250. As our final exercise, Professor Piderit asked each member of the class to mention his or her favorite activity of class this semester. Also, we had to recognize one person in the class that made our experience throughout the semester better. My favorite activity of the class was the mock interview. I felt it gave me a valuable experience into the world of business. It also made me feel more confident in setting up interviews with company’s, who are offering summer internships. I gave recognition to my entire HR simulation group instead of just one person in the class. Our success this semester was a result of each team member’s contribution, and it would not have been fair to recognize only one person.
I am excited that this semester is over, but I will value all the things I learned in Management 250. After our final class ended, I felt that what I have learned in class has provided me with more real world experience that any other business classes I have taken. I am looking forward to next semester and I hope everything goes well in Management 251.


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