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February 02, 2009

Briefly Stated No. 09-01, January 2009:

Lord knows...But what do we know about the effectiveness of faith-based programming?

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Beginning with the Clinton Administration and greatly extended under George W. Bush, the federal government has expanded the role of faith-based providers in the delivery of a range of human services.

Since 2001, the Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) has aimed to give these organizations equal opportunity with secular and larger organizations to secure federal funding for the delivery of social services.

In the context of the limited state of current research, important questions need to be addressed about how FBCOs conduct their programs and the extent to which the programs achieve the intended outcomes.

This study involves a systematic review of the research literature on faith-based services, and a meta-analysis of 18 comparative studies of the outcomes of these services.

The analysis places a premium on examining the available evidence for the purpose of effectively informing policy and practice as it relates to the FBCI.

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