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September 08, 2011

Neighborhood Data Briefs with SLF


Earlier this year, the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development in partnership with the Saint Luke's Foundation released a series of 12 data briefs on key social demographic and population dimensions of three neighborhoods on the east side of the City of Cleveland: Buckeye-Shaker, Mount Pleasant, and Woodland Hills. The data briefs address issues related to Saint Luke's target communities, with specific attention to changes in indicators over time. Using data from a range of Census and local sources, the briefs highlight important dimensions of life in these three neighborhoods that can inform approaches to address community needs.

The briefs examine shifts in population (changing demographics, child population, mobility), indicators of risk (poverty, child maltreatment, teen/unmarried births, educational attainment, adult literacy), and indicators of opportunity (employment, public schools, safety net supports, housing affordability).

The Saint Luke's Foundation used these demographic analyses as inputs for their request for proposal committee process for the 2011 year.

This social research is available on our website and here as both one combined .PDF and as each of the 12 individual data brief listed below.

1: Unmarried/Teen Mothers
2: Child Maltreatment
3: Educational Attainment
4: Employment
5: Schools
6: Housing Affordability
7: Residential Mobility
8: Child Population
9: Population Change
10: Safety Net Supports
11: Poverty Status
12: Adult Literacy