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April 23, 2012

Jessica Maloney - artist


Jessica Maloney’s digital transfer photos capture the essence of awe, serenity, and mystery. The extremities, (delicate hands and bare feet), are juxtaposed throughout the surrealistic landscapes. It is “the calm before the storm. “ The process of digital transfer allows a beautiful color and clear sharp images.

“To collect the photographs that act as the base material for this work I am constantly exploring the land on foot…The photographs act as starting points as I piece them together to create new landscapes on screen. Inventing new places allows for a combination of familiar and surreal…memory and emotion that I am trying to evoke. From the photo to the screen then the print to the transfer – each step is a labor of love. Although I could easily make a print of each piece and achieve a beautiful copy of what I construct on screen, I would miss the handmade quality that the digital transfer process allows.” Jessica Maloney

Jessica is a faculty member in the Department of Art at Ashland University. Her work is on exhibit at The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, 2nd & 3rd floors, through the end of May. The works are for sale. To purchase work or questions, please contact: or call 216-368-0722.