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August 22, 2012

Rust Belt Chic: A Cleveland Anthology

Rust Belt Chic: A Cleveland Anthology

Richey Piiparinen, a Research Assistant at the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, is co-editor for the recently published Rust Belt Chic: A Cleveland Anthology with Oberlin College associate professor Anne Trubek. Oberlin's news story, "Rhetoric & Composition and English Professor Creates Anthology of Cleveland Stories," discusses the book and Piiparinen's knowledge and experience with Rust Belt Chic, citing how his Poverty Center report, Not Dead Yet: The Infill of Cleveland's Inner Core, has reached a wide audience and media outlets.

Download the report in PDF and read the original blog release here.

Piiparinen discussed the book with Cleveland's Downtown Rebound Discussion Group on September 7 and again a week later on NPR's Around Noon. He will also be discussing the anthology on September 21 during a Third Friday opening at 78th Street Studios's Kokoon Gallery and on November 13 at the Market Garden Brewery Reading Series with selected readings from the book.

The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development is a research center at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, a graduate school of social work at Case Western Reserve University.