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October 18, 2013

Unknown Cleveland artist

Cleveland artist unknown.jpg

Unknown Cleveland artist; his or her works are on the third floor at MSASS. As the MSASS Art Curator, I have given the series (six paintings) the title, Anthropophobia. I found these paintings on a curb outside of an apartment building off of Pearl Road in the Old Brooklyn area. There is a precarious message in these series. I find the message to be the decline of “humans” losing touch with the city and people. The first painting shows a hominid with his head erect and walking upright. As you progress through the next four paintings, then to the final piece. The man as become bent over and has a Homo erectus gait. This is my interpretation of the work; others may view the works in a different way. What I do not understand is why the artist threw the work away.
June Hund

The Anthropohobia series is currently on exhibit at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Case Western Reserve University, on the third floor. The exhibit runs through mid-November 2013. To learn more about the artist, or to purchase his work, please contact: or call 216-368-0722.