Virtual Worlds Lab - first entry

OK...this is my first blog entry and I thought that I would use the blog to document what's happening with the Virtual Worlds Lab and the courses associated with the lab. I've also "joined" and I'm using this as a test (i.e. learning experience) as well...

The lab has a grand opening date of Fall 2005 and we're close to accepting bids on the physical construction on the 4'th floor of Olin. We've done a pre-bid walkthrough with six contractors and construction (actually demolition first!) is planned to begin the day after graduation...though to be realistic...I'll give it a few additional days to get started.

A pdf of the floor plan (along with more info) can be found here which is the official website for the lab.

We've started to order some of the equipment...notably the virtual reality gear including data gloves, head mounted displays, and haptic interfaces. We're also ordered four Sony short-throw front projectors for the console room (housing the Xboxs and PS2s). The 3D projection unit for the immersion room will be ordered soon (it probably has the longest delivery time of anything that we're going to buy). In the coming weeks we'll be ordering mucho hardware and software...goodies galore for everyone (undergrads will have priority!).

Well...let me post this and, if successful, I'll be following it with more entries...with more news about the lab!


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