Virtual Worlds Lab - second entry first blog entry went well at least for me. I haven't seen any comments posted in response to I'm not sure if I'm just practicing my keyboard skills...but all in good time.

Before I get to the lab and what's happening there...I have been reading Mano Singham's blog about David Horowitz and his attacks on the "professorial life" and all I can say (about Mano's comments) is BRAVO! I only wish that I can be half as eloquent when my friends as family inquire..."just what DO you do"? I have to agree with Mano in that when I hear negative comments they stem from jealousy...and with good reason...I have a great job...doing exactly what I want to do in a great environment (Case) and working with great people (faculty, staff, and students).

Enough of back to the future (and the lab). A few interesting things to report on today. First, Christian Miller (CS student and ACM president) has received summer funding from the SOURCE program to work in support of the new EECS 396L course for Fall semester. This is the interdisciplinary course that will be taken by CS, CE, EE, S&C majors in addition to english and music collaboration with the Cleveland Institute of Art's TIME program (headed by Jurgen Faust)! The class will be broken into a few teams and each team will need create a game idea and bring it into fruition...from brainstorm to box is the basic idea...

In any event Christian will be studying the use of two game "engines" for use in the class: The half life 2 engine and Renderware's engine. I've started him on a first project - the creation of a virtual "Reserach Showcase"...not quite a game, but it promises to be interesting and potentially useful as well. I'll keep you posted on his progress.

We've ordered a high powered portable laptop today for use in connecdtion with the lab...both for demonstrations and networked (wireless) gaming. Virtually all of the lab's PCs will be "desktop bound" and this will give everyone a chance to see what's needed for wireless games.

Incidentally...that reminds me...we have available a new PSP that can be loaned out from the EECS Student Affairs office. You can simply use it to play and chill during the day. Thus far we have Wipeout Pure, Lumines, and Twisted Metal for your enjoyment! Just stop by...and ask Lakia if you can borrow the handheld. It's got GREAT graphics and a great sound system (be sure to bring your own headset to appreciate it fully!).

The final bids for the physical construction of the lab are due on Thursday and we should be starting immediately after graduation....each day get's us closer to the opening...but the demolition and (re)construction has to be done first...ugh...I can't wait!

That's about it for more a glimpse of a powerful 3-D human animation program, Endorphin, that we're thinking about's quite cool.

So long for now...


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Prof. Buchner,

Thanks for keeping us updated - I've been very curious as to when everything will be ready. I'm especially interested to hear about the audio equipment that will be used.

Posted by Bryan Munch on May 18, 2005 02:22 PM

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