Demolition of the old site in Olin started today! Yeeeeehaw!!!

I have to admit that it was very strange to come to the 4'th floor and see the ceiling being torn down in the old mail room and the other rooms as well. Tomorrow they will be erecting a temporary protective/security door and several of the existing walls will be torn down! I'm tempted to grab a sledgehammer and give some of these a few whacks...but reason will prevail I'm sure.

The new anticipated date of all of the physical construction is July 31. At that point we'll be installing the computers, virtual reality gear, consoles, projectors, networks, etc. in order to be ready for the beginning of the Fall semsester.

We've also just ordered furniture for the lab and it promises to be quite sharp. In some places quite shocking! Hopefully quite comfortable throughout! In the Immersion room, I've asked for a quote and will most likely order a powered La-z-boy Matinee chair. You'll have to pry me out of that chair while I'm "playing" with Flight Simulator!

The contents of the Audio room have been decided as particular we'll be getting:

PC Software:

Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer software (2 licenses)
Reason 3 (2 licenses)

Hardware items


Midi Solutions Quadra Merge
M-Audio-Delta 1010LT (PCI Midi+Audio In)
Samson C-que 8 headphone amp
M-Audio Studiophile LX4 2.1
M-Audio Studiophile LX4 5.1 expander (surround sound)
Sony-7506 Headphones
Vocal Microphone – Shure PG58-XLR
Microphone stand
Microphone cable
Instrument microphone – Shure Beta 57A
Microphone stand
Microphone cable
Proco Midi Cables


Roland Handsonic Drum: HPD-15
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 (USB)
Keyboard stand
Keyboard stool/seat
Fender Roland Ready Standard Strat
Guitar stand
Guitar strap
Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer


2 Dell XPS Gen 4 (1 GB RAM, ATI Radeonâ„¢ X850 XT PE,
250 GB hard drive, 48x-CD-RW & 16xDVD R/W,
24� Ultrasharp Monitor)

That's about it for today. I'll probably be posting more frequently now that things are moving along quickly!


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That's a pretty nice studio setup. Somebody should do a Podcast from there.

Posted by sdh7 on June 16, 2005 02:46 PM

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