Construction nearing completion!

Too much time has lapsed since my last entry...and I apologize for that. But there is good news! The physical construction of the lab is near!!!

We have a tentative date of Thursday August 11 to do a "punch list" on the lab, i.e., to do a walk through noting what is truly finished and what small items remain to be done...though the hope is that virtually (bad pun, I know!) all the construction will be complete at that point.

The physical space is really shaping up. If you've been on the 4'th floor of Olin lately and taken a peek at the lab space behind the construction door (not the real door, I promise!) then you'll know what I mean. The rooms have been painted (though the console room and the immersion rooms need to be repainted because they were painted flat black and need to have a slight sheen on them (trust me...this is best for fingerprints, etc.). Also, the new 5 ton A/C unit is in place along with all new lighting, wiring, etc.

The carpet is due to be put in on August 8 and our fancy new glass door is due before then...the furniture will arrive slightly after August 11th...way cool!!!!

We've just ordered the complete set of computers for the lab! I'm not sure of the exact delivery date...but the machines are truly HOT! We've gone with top of the line Alienware systems throughout. I'll post the specs next time...but only if you promise to use a bib so you won't drool all over the floor!!! LOL!!! We've ordered 18 gaming PCs for the PC room, one graphics workstation for the immersion room, two fast PCs for the audio room, two graphics workstations for the VR room, a game/file server, and two sloooow machines (as compared the the other computers only) to drive the 24" LCD monitors in the entrance door (likely they'll only be running power point!).

After the construction is finished and the furniture is in...we'll pick up the gaming consoles (I wish that Xbox 360s and PS3s were out now!)...and a set of good games! We're waiting on the Sony short throw DLP projectors (4) for the console room and the Barco 2D/3D DLP projector pair for the immersion room. So far, we're not really sure when they'll come in as there have been some delays in the purchasing of these units.

That's it for now...after the construction is finished and some furniture is in...I'll post some photos...and more specs on the machines/electronics...

Hope that you're enjoying your summer!


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Prof. Buchner:

i will buy a new bib. post the specs SOON! I can't wait.

Posted by En Ganere on August 2, 2005 01:46 AM

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