Hardware list for lab and brief update

We're making progress on the construction! The new carpet installation will be finished today and I have to say that I (and others) think that it looks quite cool! In fact the new carpet looks better than that defective carpet that we received (a deeper color and more resistant to dirt, etc.). Some of the special lighting (sconces for over the console stations) should arrive today and hopefully we can deal with the locking issues around the fancy (but beautiful!) new door today as well.

We have delivery of the furniture scheduled for tomorrow! All of the computers, equipment, etc. (apart from the BARCO projector) is waiting in department storage to be put into the lab...just a few days away!!!

Because there's not much to report I thought that I would put together a complete list of all equipment that we're installing for the lab and post that here. I thought that I had done this...but I guess not...

Oh...one thing more...Froggy and I will be hightailing it to Best Buy this afternoon and picking up the consoles, some equipment, and an assortment of games to start. We should have a blast!

OK...here's the complete list (many details have been omitted to keep this a reasonable length...

Hardware in the new Virtual Worlds Lab (by room)

Virtual Reality Room:

Alienware MJ-12® 7550A SYSTEM Graphics Workstations (2)
24” Dell LCD Monitor (2)
iGlasses 3D Head Mounted Displays (2)
Inertial Tracking Devices (3 Degree of Freedom)
Magnetic Tracking Devices (6 Degree of Freedom)
5 DT Data Glove -14 joint
5 DT Data Glove – 5 joint (2)
Phantom Desktop Haptic Interface (1)
Phantom Desktop Omni Interfaces (2)

Music/Audio Room

Alienware AREA-51® 5500 SYSTEM PCs (2)
24” Dell LCD Monitor (18)

Midi Solutions Quadra Merge
M-Audio-Delta 1010LT (PCI Midi+Audio In)
Samson C-que 8 headphone amp
M-Audio Studiophile LX4 2.1
M-Audio Studiophile LX4 5.1 expander (surround sound)
Sony-7506 Headphones
Vocal Microphone – Shure PG58-XLR
Microphone stand
Microphone cable
Instrument microphone – Shure Beta 57A
Microphone stand
Microphone cable
Proco Midi Cables

Roland Handsonic Drum: HPD-15
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 (USB)
Keyboard stand
Keyboard stool/seat
Fender Roland Ready Standard Strat
Guitar stand
Guitar strap
Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer

Sony VPLHS51 Short Throw DLP Projection Units (4)
Xbox (4)
PS2 (4)
Stereo Speaker Systems (4)

Alienware MJ-12® 7550A SYSTEM Graphics Workstation (1)
24” Dell LCD Monitor (1)
La-z-Boy Matinee Chair (1)
Xbox (1)
PS2 (1)
Yamaha YHT-360 Surround System
Barco 2D/3D DLP Projection System

PC Room:
Alienware AURORA™ 7500 SYSTEM Gaming PCs (18)
24” Dell LCD Monitor (18)

Medical Simulation:
Haptic Interaces
Graphics Workstations (2)
Alienware MJ-12® 5500 SYSTEM Game and File Server
Alienware AREA-51® 5300 SYSTEM PCs for entranceway monitors (2)
24” Dell LCD Monitor (3)

OK...that's about it...we're nearing the point where I'll be comfortable putting up some pictures...likely tomorrow...so stay tuned and enjoy!

Oh...one more thing...I've been talking with ITS people here on campus and have requested getting G4TechTV on campus cable...and we should now have it (channel 95 if I'm not mistaken). You will probably have all kinds of feelings about the channel...but we'll be showing it 24/7 (well during the day at any rate) in the Lab on a large TV!!!

Ok...enjoy and see you soon!


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Let's see some pictures!

Posted by John on August 23, 2005 09:43 AM

It's just called G4 now. Remember when G4 bought TechTV just for it's viewer base, and all the on-camera people left? I'd rather get nasatv. Seriously, I like nasatv.

Man, it must be fun to get grant money to spend on consoles at best buy. And I can't wait to see these 24 inch LCD's.

Posted by Colin on August 23, 2005 10:24 AM

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