VW Lab Opening (well...sort of!)

Again...my apologies for not keeping the blog up to date. The beginning of the semester has been particularly busy.

In any event...the big news is that the lab is open for business...at least in part. The console room is up and running (and is a blast from all the feedback that we've gotten), the music room is up and running, and the virtual reality room is up as well.

The PC room...while we have all of the equipment in place...needs to have the computers networked before we allow open access. In fact none of the networking is in place in the lab at the moment. The EECS tech staff are hard at work putting all the networking in place (which is no small job!).

I've uploaded a short Power Point presentation which shows the portions of the game development room (the PC room), the digital music production room, the VR development room, and the console room. The actual lab has more "substance" to it and really needs to be seen in person to appreciate, but you get some idea of what we're doing from the slide show.

I'll have more to say later on today but I want to get this up quickly...

More to come...


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