More Virtual World Lab News...

Every day we have a few more visitors and users come to the lab. While we have limited access to students in my and Knut Hybinette's (Case/CIA) Game Design class while the the lab is in the final stages of completion, we have had a number of visitors peering in through the glass entrance doors. Of course we have given everyone who comes by a brief tour!

We will much broader access VERY soon (this week possibly) as the networking and software installation is completed!

Room by room news:

Music Room - I bought a guitar stand and strap over the weekend! While that doesn't sound like big news at does say something important. That we're at the point where things are really moving here! One machine (what I've been calling the synthesis machine) is truly up and running with the instruments being recognized and Reason 3.0 generating music! We'll be ordering another copy of Reason 3.0 for the 2nd machine here. Also...after a lot of thought and research our current idea is to use Adobe Audition 1.5 to deal with the analog audio component of music/sound. This program works nicely with Reason and should provide what is missing in Reason. Other choices include using Cubase or Sonar...but that seems to duplicate what Reason offers...

Virtual Reality Room - we're up and running here as well. There are already three groups working on projects! We've had some difficulty finding an appropriate parallel interface for one of the Sensable Desktop haptic units but I don't expect that problem to last for long. The other two haptic units (which are quite cool!) are working fine - ask to try the Dice Demo!

Immersion Room - we're waiting for the Barco 2D/3D Gemini projection system to complete this room. The expected date of arrival is the end of September. When finished I guarantee that this room will be "way cool"!

Console room - come and play some games!!! All the XBOXs, PS2s, and Gamecubes are working and the room is VERY cool from all the student feedback that we've received. Of course faculty wouldn't be caught in this room at all - NOT! Marc Buchner and Michael Rabinovich (new professor in EECS) have been spotted playing Project Gothem! The consoles should all be networked this week (though we did make a temporary cable to tie two of them together - couldn't resist!)

PC room - all the PCs have been networked and we've been playing with software images containing the first round of installed software. Oh yes...we added a b/w and a color laser printer to the lab in this room - somehow this fell through the cracks in our original hardware requirements list.

I would like to add a MAJOR thanks to all who have participated in the lab design, construction, and implementation. There are many individuals who have contributed (and are continuing to contribute) in different ways ranging from helping to select carpet helping spec the networking and setting up all the testing the hardware and keeping me sane during difficult times with the construction. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping to create a truly special place here at the University that will bring strong educational value in truly, exciting and enjoyable ways.


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