Getting Started with the Wii

Setting up the Wii was a piece of cake. Few questions/thoughts/impressions that I had:

  • The sensor bar - Can it be placed below the TV? The answer is yes. In the Wii settings screen, you can specify whethere the bar is above or below the TV
  • What do I need to set up the Internet Connection? If you already have a WiFi network set up, you just need the WEP key for the SSID.
  • Can you surf the Internet? Yes but first you need to download the Opera for the Wii. You do this from the Wii Shopping Channel (right now this is a free download and is called a trial version). There are rumors that there will be a charge for this starting sometime this summer. The browser lets you for example go to and view the videos on your TV.
  • Registering the Wii: The Serial number is on the back of the Wii and starts with LU. Register at the Nintendo Wii website and get an extra 90-day warranty.
  • What does the sensor bar do? It appears that it tells the Wiimote where the TV screen is. All the other motion sensing is done by the wii console. You can see videos on youtube where the sensor bar has been replaced by 2 candles, and it still works fine.
  • The forecast channel works well giving the current weather and forecast for up to 5 days. The globe view is great for educational purposes (a little bit like Google Maps) allowing one to view the weather on Mount Everest or the South Pole.
  • The news channel is also great though takes a few seconds to download all the information. A neat concept is to view the news in the globe view and then you can find all the news for Florida for example. There is no control over the depth of news, source of news etc unfortunately.
  • The Photo channel is terrific. Just stick a SD card into the slot in the front and it reads all the images (JPEGs) and Videos (AVI) very quickly and presents them as thumbnails. You can scroll through them, view them individually or as a slide show. Handles the video (640 X 480) very easily without any jerkiness. The photos in the slide show are panned, zoomed etc which adds some liveliness to the show like Windows Photo Story 3.
  • The Mii channel is terrific for kids. My daughter had a great time creating caricatures resembling friends and family (Wii lets you create up to 10). These Mii's can be seen when playing games as players and audience. When playing Baseball all the Mii's become one team adding to the fun. By entering friends console numbers (both friends have to do it), the Mii's can mingle! Have not tried it as none of the friends appear to have gotten a Mii yet.

Will write more about each of the Wii Sports games in a future blog.


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