Saying Goodbye

Posted by Nicole Sharp on 21 May 2006 at 21:51

Well, it's official now. I am no longer a student of Case Western Reserve University. Instead, I am an alumna, an aerospace engineer with honors. My dorm room is bare now: only a few items remain to be packed tomorrow morning. And then I'll drive away from Cleveland with no idea when I'll be back.

It's been a crazy weekend. On the one hand, it's very exciting to graduate and process and don a morterboard--but at the same time the prospect of saying goodbye to so many friends and faculty is depressing beyond belief. I've been cartwheeling between enthusiastic and maudlin since I handed over the last of my research to Dr. White on Thursday. Now that I have my diploma in hand and no more commencement events to look forward to, I have to say that we've taken a definite turn toward the maudlin.

So here's to four years that brought me friends, and knowledge, and challenges; to four years full of laughter, and stress, and learning; to four years in which I learned about who I am and about the person I'd like to become; to four lovely springs and four bitter winters of walking across an ever-changing campus; to the four years of Hundert's reign; and to the best four years of my life thus far.

Goodbye, Case--though perhaps only for now--and thank you.

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