December 12, 2006

MGMT 250

The overall experience of this class is unforgettable and original. This class was my first solely lecture and discussion based class with no exams, but a lot of papers and discussions. My basic thought of management was just hiring and firing of workers. But this idea changed after leaning in this class. There was so much to management than I thought. HR simulations, blogs, individual learning plans, mock interviews, and many more, I learned so many different aspects of management. Also, this was the class that I started to really feel confident in discussing with classmates. Since this class requires a lot of group presentations and discussions, talking was much necessary. Overall, this class was one of the best experiences I had this whole semester, and I will persist to keep up with management courses by taking MGMT 251 next semester. Happy Holidays!

Blogging Experience

The blogging experience in our MGMT 250 class was very memorable and brilliant. There were times that I was chased by the deadlines, but posting the blogs always helped me collect and organize what I had learned in our class. The blog was the place for me to express my opinions and thoughts, which I could not easily pursue in the class. Now that I reminisce about this experience, there are so many things that I did not cover. But I still feel very proud of myself maintaining this blog. Reading the comments left by fellow classmates was unforgettable experience as well. I sometimes even waited for someone to leave a comment in my blog. Overall, I appreciate this blogging experience very much and it will be unforgettable.

Final HR Report

The MADS Apparel company finally came to an end with the writing of final report. Our group consisting four people, divided the work equally to finish this assignment successfully. We talked about every action we took during the simulation, including the outcomes and the goals that we have achieved. My part was to find relationships among the HR programs and observe the outcomes. I figured out that there is a direct correlation between the accident rate and the safety program budget when compared with industry averages. Having a safety budget near industry average will yield an accident rate below the industry average. Overall, this HR simulation in this semester was an incredible experience to have. Also, our group was very well correlated with each other that it was much more interesting and enjoyable.

Final Learning Plan

Writing a final learning plan was very pleasant experience for me. I started this project very early, which I had a lot of time to think about my future. I started out by explaining everything about myself, from where I was born to where I am right now. Then I wrote about the near future goals that I wanted to achieve, which was to graduate from Case Western Reserve University. My ultimate goal is to become a president and CEO of a company. I wrote down every step I will take to achieve this goal. As I was writing my learning plan, I never felt so proud of myself planning out my future. Overall, writing an individual learning plan was definitely one of the most valuable opportunities that I had experienced in this MGMT 250 class.

Firing Tom Mendola

Tom Mendola case was discussed in our class few weeks ago. This case was about a high school dropout who was an unproductive worker. He was warned several times by his superior and was even transferred through the departments upon his own request. However, these adjustments were not good enough for Tom Mendola. He was still lagging in his quality of work and had no passion. Finally, the superior decided to fire Tom. But Tom pleaded for his job, talking about how much his family was depending on him. Making a decision in this case was very difficult. However, I believe that the repeated poor performance is good enough reason to let him go.

November 10, 2006

Goal and Action Planning

One of the goals in MGMT250 course is to enable each student to build skills in evaluating career and employment options, and goal setting and action planning to achieve personal and professional goals. For the individual learning plan, we were given 17 post-it papers to fill out our goals for the future. I wrote down goals such as, courage, wisdom, happiness, wealth, relax, success, and many more. These goals were modeled into SMART and START NOW goal frameworks, which guided me to focus on my goal. I am very eager to continue and see how many goals I can achieve in my near future.

Annual Report

In our HR simulation, a year had passed and it was time for an annual report. This year was a great year for us, which we managed and operated as we planned in the beginning. Our wages were always higher than the industry average and morale rate was very stable. We were very excited to help this company grow and reach new upgraded levels of success that MADS Apparel has never reached before. Writing this report required great amount of teamwork, and with the members of my team it was done very swiftly and easily.