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July 25, 2005

Genetics in the News

Mexico's National Institute of Genomic Medicine Announce Collaboration on Genetics Projects

The collaboration represents the largest genotyping study undertaken in Latin America. They also plan to immediately begin a pilot project to determine patterns of sequence variation for genes of pharmacogenetic interest in the Mexican population.

Drug Industry Proposes Limits on Advertising
The pharmaceutical industry released draft guidelines that endorse a period of informing doctors about new drugs before running ads for them.

'Gene test' for autism in sight

Scientists who have discovered a gene linked to autism believe they can use the new knowledge to work out an individual's risk of the condition.

DNA Test Could Provide Early Warning Of Disease Risk

An Internet-based company claims that knowing about your genes could help you stay healthy, and its researchers have developed a way to test your genetic makeup from the privacy of your own home. DNADirect.com provides a personal genetic testing kit to clients, then tests their results before offering a risk profile.

Technological advances require social advances

Boston Globe op-ed on the social concerns brought up by biotechnology, especially questions of access and privacy.

Personalized medicine: A new approach to staying well

Another Boston Globe op-ed, by Francis Collins, on pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.

The New Eugenics

American Spectator column on the decreasing number of some congenital birth defects as a result of prenatal genetic testing.

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