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August 08, 2005

Genetics in the News

A company which develops and markets genetic testing products and services has a couple interesting items in its corporate site, notably the Product Pipeline (which includes several ancestry tests and one to predict eye color, billed as "the first genetics test yet developed for predicting a complex human trait from DNA") and their answer to the question "What is Race?" on its FAQ. Meanwhile, John Hawks, a University of Wisconsin-Madison anthropologist challenges the value and the accuracy of DNAPrint's ancestry tests as perpetuating the concept of race.

A step toward the $1,000 personal genome Researchers said they had found a faster and cheaper way to do it using readily available lab equipment that would cost only about $2.2 million, considerably cheaper than the current $20 million for a human genome. (The technique is described in Science.)

Calif. to start testing newborns for genetic disorders
Newborns throughout the state will be screened for 75 inherited and congenital disorders, the result of a new law that takes effect Monday.

Gene silencing technique offers new strategy for treating, curing disease
A new technique aimed at directly controlling the expression of genes by turning them on or off at the DNA level could lead to drugs for the treatment or cure of many diseases

The rise of a culture of life
The biological sciences are encouraging the move away from the ideals of the Enlightenment towards an idea of individual perfectibility and enhancement

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