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February 08, 2006

CGREAL, Episode VII: A New Hope

Thanks to Kevin Adams, the CGREAL blog now matches the rest of the CGREAL website (yay!) and now displays the posts (yay with two exclamation points!!). I am motivated to start CGREAL-blogging again.

The problem: why blog and for whom? Much of the CGREAL information already goes out in a weekly email newsletter, and transforming it to a blog format wouldn't work as well since many of the receipients aren't familiar enough for blogs or feeds. Also, some of the newsletter information isn't really blog-appropiate: no blog composed mostly of academic references can be fascinating. Informative, maybe, but not fascinating.

So, the CGREAL blog as an organizational news site hasn't worked out. Instead, I think it will become more of blog of commentary and reflection on genetics and the research tools we are using. And inspired by my recent discovery of iTunes, perhaps I'll podcast once or twice.

rsp10 February 8, 2006 11:04 AM