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April 18, 2008

Search Results Improvements

The following are changes currently being developed and test. We will launch these new features at the end of April 2008.
1) Currently we only display 5 items per page on any listing screen. We should allow these numbers to be configurable up to 50 items per page on BrowseCollections.aspx page
2) Navigation controls on the top and bottom of the page on all browsing screens
3) Sorting on search results page by title, creator, publish date ‘identify on search results page that the default sort order is by relevance as determined by the search algorithm

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Pubmed - Medical School Research Collection

We are currently compiling a collection that represents Case Medical School research deposited in Pubmed. This collection will hold roughly 2000 pieces of research involving Case Western faculty and researchers. We will create a process to harvest new materials on a weekly basis in order to allow the collection to remain current.

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April 03, 2008

TEI Book Presentation

There is a requirement to create book browsing functionality to supplement existing features of digitalcase. This functionality will be

used to take TEI Encoded files. These files today are presented as XML files for patrons to download and do as they wish. We want to create functionality on our site to render these TEI encoded documents and allow patrons to experience these text files as if they were in their original book form.

This project will be started the week of April 28. We expect this project to be completed in the middle of June 2008.

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April 01, 2008

WPA Print Images

We are currently experiencing an issue displaying certain images from the WPA prints collection.

Specifically the jpeg 2000 viewer has a problem loading particular images. We have put a quick patch in place to disable the zoom, pan, flash control for these images so they display as basic jpg images. This seems to be consistent across various browsers. We are working with our image server vendor, Aware, to correct this behavior.

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