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September 11, 2008

PUBMED Central Available 9/22/08

** UPDATE 9/22/08 @ 9:00 am :**
This collection is fully available and both searchable and browesable in digitalcase. Collection can be found at http://library.case.edu/digitalcase/BrowseObjects.aspx?PID=ksl:PubMedCentral.

** UPDATE 9/17/08 @ 9:30 am :**
This collection is currently available in digitalcase and can be found at: http://library.case.edu/digitalcase/BrowseObjects.aspx?PID=ksl:PubMedCentral. However this collection is not yet searchable. The index job has started and willl be completed by sometime 9/18/08. After the completion of the index job, this collection will become searchable. This collection is scheduled to be updated every Saturday morning.

We are creating a collection of Case Faculty medical research that we are harvesting from Pubmed Central. This collection will highlight all the federally funded medical research output from Case that has been deposited with Pubmed. Recently, legislation was passed mandating that all federally funded research must be deposited with pubmed and thus will allow digitalcase to represent this important information on into the future. We expected this collection to be available on Monday 9/15/08

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