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April 21, 2009

Year of Darwin collection

New collection in Digital Case: Year of Darwin

Beginning in the Fall of 2008 and proceeding through the Spring semester, departments from across Case Western Reserve University will sponsor events and programs celebrating Charles Darwin's life, his work and the diverse ways in which evolutionary theory continues to influence research and thought in biology and other fields. Some of these events will be intended primarily for an academic audience and others will be intended for the general public. On a roughly monthly basis, prominent individuals who have contributed significantly either to the progress or the popularization of evolutionary science will be coming to Case to deliver lectures and participate in the celebration.

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April 20, 2009

Annual Editions of Encyclopedia of Cleveland History Now Available

Digitalcase is now creating annual snapshots of the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History (ECH) collection. There are 3 collections currently listed. A 2008,2009 editions as well as every article showing in one collection. KSL will continue to create these on an annual basis.


Also, as part of the ECH annual editions, KSL has implemented a feature in Digitalcase that allows multiple versions of a particular object to be presented in the Digitalcase interface. This feature which can be seen below, shows all versions of an object to be displayed in a timeline fashion. This will be useful for displaying serialized publications as well as Encyclopedia collections like ECH.


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