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February 04, 2010

Streaming Media Now on Digital Case

Digital Case not only stores, disseminates, and preserves the intellectual output of Case Western Reserve University, but has also been working hard to provide an excellent user experience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to allow users to experience the content directly through the browser, with as few technical hurdles as possible.

The first step was to display images using a flash image viewer which allowed you to zoom in and out of digital images. The second step was to expose digitally encoded books, using TEI, through the Digital Case Book Viewer. The third step was to ramp up the image viewing experience with the 3D Image Wall. We are now excited to announce the ability to stream multimedia files directly from Digital Case.

Users have always had the ability to download these files to their computer and play them separately, but that could often take valuable time. This option remains, however users can now listen to audio or watch video directly in the page, providing a consistent user experience.

When you navigate to a page with audio or video, this is what you will see:



Any questions or problems, please contact digitalcase@case.edu.

(Free flash player required)

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