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April 29, 2010

New Collection: The Islamic Republic of Iran: Multidisciplinary Analyses of its theocracy, nationalism, and assertion of Power

New collection in Digital Case: The Islamic Republic of Iran: Multidisciplinary Analyses of its theocracy, nationalism, and assertion of Power. The Conference examined from a number of academic disciplinary angles the domestic and foreign policies of the current Iranian Republic, especially as these policies reflect attitudes and ideas of the "other", whether internal or external. Papers represented disciplines such as ethnic studies, history, political science, religious studies and sociology.

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April 15, 2010

Audio collection from Gay Waves radio program on WRUW

A new collection is now available in Digital Case of 46 open reel and one tape recording of WRUW-FM's radio program "Gay Waves". The program covered news and events effecting the gay rights movement. The collection included programs from 1985-1989.

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April 07, 2010

Citing Sources in Digital Case

Digital Case is already a great online resource for doing research, particularly with it's use of permanent URL's, but it just got a little better.

Digital Case now supports most citation applications, including Zotero, EndNote, Refworks, etc. Zotero is quickly becoming a leader in citation management as a seamless browser plugin that easily integrates with Firefox and works with various other types of online resources, such as the Case Catalog, Amazon, etc.

(Zotero Citations Available when Browsing Objects)


Digital Case also offers an RIS formatted citation download which can be used with many other citation applications such as EndNote, Refworks, Reference Manager, etc. This all means that you can quickly and easily reference sources in Digital Case with your research.

(Both Zotero & RIS formatted citations available on DatstreamDetail pages.)


The KSL website has more information on citing sources available here

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April 02, 2010

Charles F. Brush Sr. Papers collection

The Charles F. Brush, Sr. Papers consist of correspondence, laboratory notes, patent information, litigation records, financial material, newspaper clippings, company records, scientific articles, biographical information, photographs, audio recordings, and artifacts pertaining to the life and work of this accomplished Cleveland scientist, inventor, businessman and philanthropist most famous for his invention of the arc lamp.

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