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July 06, 2010

More Interface Upgrades: Image Display & Keyword Filtering

A recent update to the Digital Case interface has been rolled out, intended to make finding collections, as well as browsing through image collections, easier and more enjoyable.

Image Templates

We just rolled out the new Image layout for the WPA Prints collection, which now shows thumbnail images in a grid view for easy browsing.  In addition, you are now able to modify the view of the collection by changing the sort options and the number of items viewed per page.


Filter By Keyword

Previously, you were always able to filter a collection by the first letter of the title.  But what if you only knew a word in the title, but didn't know the actual first word.  Now you can filter the collections based on that keyword.  Search still continues to be a great option, but this is a quick and easy way to narrow down an ever-increasing number of collections found in Digital Case.


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