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August 27, 2010

William Fickinger collection

A new collection has been added to Digital Case: click here. William Fickinger joined the physics department at Case Western Reserve in 1967, when Case Institute and Western Reserve campuses were federated. He retired in 1999 after 37 years of teaching and continues to research and publish in the field of physics. Bill Fickinger completed his doctorate at Yale, working on a hydrogen bubble chamber experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Fickinger also worked on similar experiments at Brookhaven, the University of Kentucky, the Center for Nuclear Studies at Saclay in Paris, and at Vanderbilt University. Fickinger along with Keith Robinson were supported by the National Science Foundation, completing a variety of bubble chamber and counter experiments at Brookhaven and Argonne labs. These experiments contributed to the data base of particle properties which led eventually to the quark model for mesons and baryons. In 1994, Fickinger was appointed Director of Undergraduate Studies and enjoyed helping to reorganize the large introductory courses for engineers and pre-med students, as well as the establishment of several new physics-related majors and the senior honors program.

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August 23, 2010


At this time we would like to acknowledge that we are noticing some
issues with our DigitalCase Application. Due to a bug in the code the
Application randomly redirects to the "404 Error Page". Several
DigitalCase webpages, including, but not limited to, Advanced Search, Browse Collections, Browse Objects, Datastream Detail pages are affected by this bug. This bug in the code has been identified and a patch is being developed.

We expect the patch to be applied by 08/27/2010 before the end of the
working day.

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