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October 28, 2013

Mary Chisholm Painter Arch

The Mary Chisholm Painter Memorial Gateway, as it was formally named, was designed by Charles Schweinfurth and constructed in 1904, and has also gone by the names: 'Mather Arch' and the 'Painter Arch'. It is located along Euclid Avenue near the Church of the Covenant. The Arch was a gift of William and Mary Stone Chisholm in memory of their daughter, who had died in 1901. William Chisholm was a prominent Cleveland businessman with social and business connections to several Western Reserve University trustees.

The Arch has been part of the local tradition and ceremony on campus. Walking through the arch is symbolic of the transformation the students are embarking on through their journey at Case Western Reserve University and links the Residential College to the history of the university through the spirit of the Flora Stone Mather College for Women that blazed educational paths for women in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The photograph on the left was taken in the 1930s. The contemporary photograph on the right is taken with women on the staff at Kelvin Smith Library.


A link to the original photograph can be found here.

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