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Special Exhibition & Reception @ KSL for Humanities Week; The History of the Book--Always in Transition

The History of the Book—Always in Transition, Special Exhibition and Opening Reception (April 17) features a collaborative exhibit as part of 2007 Humanities Week, Information Society. This exhibit remains available for one week—stop in at the KSL Special Collections Department on the 2nd floor (9-5, M-F) and see this collaborative exhibit!

Curated by students from the Art History Visual Arts and Museums seminar class (Ann Helmreich, associate director, Baker-Nord), the exhibit cases on the Kelvin Smith Library's main floor and in the Special Collections Department on the 2nd floor highlight this theme. Case thanks the the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Allen Memorial Medical Library for their generous loans to this exhibit, which also feature many works from the KSL Special Collections Department. Students will also showcase a digital online version of the special exhibition. Watch for it, in Digital Case.

The opening reception on April 17 followed the Robert H. Jackson lecture Can the Book Survive the Information Revolution?

Humanities Week April 15-20 is presented by the Baker Nord Center for the Humanities

Posted by Karen Oye on April 11, 2007 09:29 PM

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