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March 31, 2005 ALERTS now offers an email alerting service.

A user that completes a simple registration process can have a weekly notice of new resources sent directly to their email. The registration process will allow the user to pick a specific topic area (such as astronomy & space) or seach the whole site.

About (Source: provides public access and a unified search of the government’s vast stores of scientific and technical information. is an interagency initiative of 17 U.S. government science organizations within 12 Federal agencies.

Two major types of information are included — selected authoritative science Web sites and often hard-to-access scientific databases (specific content varies by database). This gateway to government science information allows searches across 30 databases and more than 1,700 science Web sites. currently accesses over 47 million pages of government science information.

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Civil Rights - Video Archives now available

The University of Virginia is now making available a new digital archive on the history of Civil Rights. Material can be viewed online, Quick Time required.

Source: University of Virginia (via aScribe)
The Television News of the Civil Rights Era 1950-1970: A New Digital Archive at The University of Virginia
"The Civil Rights Era in Virginia was contentious, pitting black against white, neighbor against neighbor and communities against legislation - a microcosm of the years of social upheaval in communities across America. A new archive at the Virginia Center for Digital History at the University of Virginia brings to life that period of our National history through filmed local civil rights events and the words and actions of citizen and national activists in Roanoke, Va. The archive, which received support from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and is housed in U.Va.'s Alderman Library, contains film and scripts from two Roanoke TV stations: CBS affiliate WDBJ and NBC affiliate WSLS. The archival footage highlights local coverage of school desegregation, massive resistance, school meetings, civil rights debates, and interviews with key players and concerned citizens in the community, as well as speeches given by Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and the governors of the commonwealth of Virginia." --

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March 29, 2005

Pocket Guide to Higher Education now available

Free from EDUCAUSE - a valuable free resource on higher education statistics.

The Pocket Guide to U.S. Higher Education 2005

"The EDUCAUSE Pocket Guide to U.S. Higher Education 2005 provides a series of markers that outline the shape and complexity of higher education. This guide identifies relevant resources and organizations, providing timely and useful information about the college and university market--institutions, students, faculty, college stores, meetings, publications, technology issues, organizational behavior, and more. The guide is compiled annually in partnership with The Campus Computing Project." 69 pages; PDF.

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INSPEC database expands coverage

The INSPEC database has long been available through the KSL scienece and technology electronic resources. A additional database has been added covering content from 1898-1968
The new Inspec Archive can be reached at
The Inspec Archive 1898-1968 covers:
* All aspects of physics (originally published as Physics Abstracts)
* Electrical and electronic engineering (introduced as a separate journal in
1903, and originally published as Electrical and Electronic Abstracts)
* Computing and control engineering (introduced as a separate journal in
1966, and published initially as Control Abstracts, later renamed to
Computer and Control Abstracts)

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March 23, 2005

New KSL Reference Blog

Welcome to the first entry of the Kelvin Smith Library reference blog. We hope to use this space to keep Case faculty, students and staff up to date about the latest online resources available to support research, teaching and learning in the arts and sciences, social sciences, science and engineering and business and management. KSL reference staff will be monitoring various news sources to keep abreast of any and all news that will impact the research environment at Case.
We will also use this venue to:
* announce changes and improvements to the electronic materials
and databases to which we subscribe,
* highlight new reference services
* notify readers of academic quality free resources that are available on the web.
We hope you stop by often.

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