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June 29, 2005

CQ Press in Context

[From June 2005 Press Release]
In an event that opens up broad access to non-partisan, in-depth analysis of today’s hottest political and government issues, CQ Press has just introduced CQ Press in Context. This is a free web site that features selections from the award-winning CQ Press Electronic Library. The site offers anyone with access to the Internet a substantial sampling of the valuable CQ Press content that is usually available only on a subscription basis.

The site's current topic, "Future of the Supreme Court," focuses on the expected retirement of Chief Justice Rehnquist and the partisan battle predicted to follow in the U.S. Senate when President Bush nominates a replacement.

CQ Press strives to provide readers with objective, accessible, high quality information on government and politics, and in this way help to advance democracy. “We’re excited about CQ Press in Context because it fits in so well with our publishing mission,” says Kathryn C. Suárez, Director of Reference Publishing at CQ Press. “This initiative will bring our content to a much wider audience. Of course, we hope that the selections available here will increase awareness of the entire CQ Press Electronic Library. But we believe that students, educators, and interested citizens will find this free site an incredibly useful resource on its own.”

Here is some of the wide-ranging content that visitors to CQ Press in Context can access right now:

  • The entire CQ Researcher report, “Supreme Court’s Future” (January 2005)
  • Overviews of controversial nominations from recent U.S. history;
  • Selections from the Robert Bork confirmation battle plus context-building commentary;
  • An essay on how Supreme Court nominations are affected by politics;
  • A detailed explanation of the filibuster, and more.

These offerings and the many others available at CQ Press in Context provide critical background information to help readers clarify and expand their understanding of this important issue. The site also offers links to other useful and relevant sources (free resources and related CQ Press electronic and print products).

CQ Press plans to update CQ Press in Context frequently, targeting new topics as they emerge as major issues. “We hope that once people see what this site has to offer, they’ll spread the word,” says Suárez. “We’d like CQ Press in Context to become a first stop for anyone who wants to become educated and informed about key issues and events of the day.”

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June 27, 2005

Using Google "Site Search"

Google allows users to search by site. The word "site" followed by a colon enables you to restrict your search to a specific site.

For example, the search "library" will look for the word "library" on the Case Western Reserve University web site only.

A user can also restrict to domain. For example, the search "census site:gov" will look for the word "census" on government sites only.

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June 22, 2005

Information Bridge - Department of Energy

The Information Bridge provides free access to full-text and bibliographic records of the Department of Energy research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics.

[From Information Bridge web site]
The Information Bridge consists of full-text documents produced and made available by the Department of Energy National Laboratories and grantees from 1995 forward. Additional legacy documents are also included as they become available in electronic format.

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June 20, 2005

Acronym & Abbreviation Directory

ResearchBuzz highlighted a directory that contains over 450,000 acronyms and abbreviations. Acronyma even includes items in several languages. "CWRU" was included.

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June 15, 2005

Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher

Pat Ensor and the Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) have created a web site that tracks developments in search engines and recommends the best tools to utilize. The Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher looks at several categories, including subject guides, search engines, news searches, metasearch engines, multimedia searching, and the invisible web.

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June 13, 2005

Thomas Register Now Completely Online

Thomas Industrial Network, Inc., provider of Internet sourcing and marketing information for industrial buyers and sellers, announced that it is discontinuing its print publications - Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Register Regional Buying Guides-both have long been a staple of business research collections. Following the 2006 edition these will cease publication. The full information from these publications and much more, will continue to be available free-of-charge at The content of is 100 percent focused on the industrial market, with
over 650,000 manufacturers, distributors and service companies indexed by 67,000 product and service categories. Resources include suppliers'product catalogs, e-commerce capabilities, and over 20 million CAD drawings.

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Using the Web Less?

OutSell Now, a leading research and advisory firm providing actionable market analytics for the information industry publishes an online newsletter. A recent report claims that "For knowledge workers who have been turning to the open Web as a shining new source of valuable information and enhanced productivity, the luster seems to be fading. A new round of 2,000 interviews in Outsell's ongoing studies of knowledge workers' information habits, preferences, and behaviors shows a couple of remarkable trends....." To read full story go to Knowledge Workers-The Thrill Is Gone.

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The eSkeletons Project

"The eSkeletons Project website is devoted to the study of human and primate comparative anatomy. It offers a unique set of digitized versions of skeletons in 2-D and 3-D in full color, animations, and much supplemental information. The user can navigate through the various regions of the skeleton and view all orientations of each element along with muscle and joint information. eSkeletons enables you to view the bones of both human and non-human primates ranging from the gorilla to the tiny mouse lemur. All of the large apes are represented as well as other species from different parts of the world. Many of these primates are rare or endangered species." [Description eSkeletons Project]

(First viewed on ResourceShelf)

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June 09, 2005

Custom EndNote Filters

EndNote, a citation manager available to the Case Community at a great discount through the Software Center, may experience trouble when importing citations from some databases.

The Chemical Information Sources Discussion List (CHMINF-L) recently had a post from Andrea Twiss-Brooks (Bibliographer for Chemistry, Physics, & Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago) about some custom filters that have been created for MDL CrossFire Beilstein, Business Source Premier (EBSCO), GeoRef, and MathSciNet. The filters are freely available for anyone to download and use.

Link updated on 8/19/05.

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June 08, 2005

Entrepreneurship in the US: 2004 Assessment

ResourceShelf shared information on a new report, called Entrepreneurship in the US: 2004 Assessment.

[About Entrepreneurship in the US]
"Entrepreneurship, an important feature of economic growth and adaptation, is a major activity in the United States. About 18 million in the U.S. were actively engaged in starting or managing a new firm in 2004. The U.S. continues to be a major—but not the largest—source of global entrepreneurial activity. The importance of new firm creation to the future of the U.S. economy has led to a program of annual assessment of U.S. entrepreneurship. The U.S. Entrepreneurial Assessment project is the only source of longitudinal data that is based directly on individual reports of entrepreneurial activity; the procedures are consistent over time and harmonized with those implemented in 43 other countries."

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World Data Analyst Online

A new database from Encyclopedia Britannica, World Data Analyst Online, allows users to easily find economic, social and demographic data for 217 countries and regions. It provides detailed statistical comparisons of countries across the world, using both the most recent statistics and historical figures. Plus, users can create tables, charts, and even export the information to a spreadsheet for printing and data crunching. This database will be included in KSL's research database list.

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June 03, 2005

Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada

If you are doing research on a corporation or industry's history, please look at the Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada. The Directory is maintained by the Society of American Archivists, and contains information on companies that maintain their own archives, as well as ones that contract out the service.

Several are listed that are important to Cleveland and the surrounding communities, including Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, The Sherwin-Williams Company, and the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

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June 01, 2005

Finding Blogs in a Geographic Location

Wondering what other blogs are located near your address, or traveling out of town and want to get some local perspective? Consider looking at FeedMap to search for blogs by geography. ResearchBuzz provides some more information.

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Search Engine for Meeting & Event Spaces

ResearchBuzz provides a review of a new search engine called Eventective. This search engine will allow the user to search for a meeting location by address, size, or layout. Eventective would be perfect if someone asks for information on possible rental spaces for meeting.

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