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The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL)

The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL) has announced adding a multimedia collection to their archive.

The LTDL already holds more than seven million tobacco industry documents that relate to sales, advertising, etc. The new multimedia items include corporate meeting tapes, focus groups, hearings, and commercials. Instructions for searching the multimedia items is available.

[About Multimedia Collection]

The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library Multimedia Collection contains audio and video resources related to the advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research of tobacco products as well as materials gathered and produced by tobacco control advocates. With the Multimedia Collection, users have access to information about more than 5,000 tobacco industry video and audio tapes including recordings of focus groups, internal corporate meetings, depositions of tobacco industry employees, government hearings, corporate communications, and some commercials.

Many of these videos have been uploaded to the UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos Collection at the Internet Archive and made available for immediate viewing. The Library plans to continue adding Multimedia Collection resources as they become available.

Posted by Tiffeni Fontno on July 19, 2006 09:04 AM
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