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Davidson Data Center and Network

Davidson Data Center and Network (DDCN) is an integrated, fully searchable database on transition and emerging markets. DDCN archives and provides free access to socio-economic micro and macro data on transition economies.

Content includes:

  • Macro Data (National Level)
    • Comprehensive Databases
    • Macroeconomics and Growth
    • Monetary Data
    • Fiscal Data
    • Prices
    • Finance and Banking
    • Labor Force, Employment and Earnings
    • External Sector Data
    • Enterprises and Privatization
    • Poverty and Income Inequality
    • Population and Social Indicators
    • Science and Technology
    • Economic Sectors
    • Governance and Anti-Corruption
  • Micro Data
    • Individual and Household Level Data
      • Labor Force Surveys
      • Household Budget Surveys
      • Census Data
      • Public Opinion Surveys
      • Other Surveys
      • Administrative Records
    • Firm Level Data
      • Enterprise Surveys
      • Bank Surveys
      • Other Firm Surveys
      • Administrative Data

Posted by Brian Gray on September 18, 2006 08:20 AM
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