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Citing Blogs with RefWorks

RefWorks allows you to enter an RSS feed into your personal collection from the "search" menu. I knew this function was available and have recommended it to people that monitor journal table of contents.

RSS4Lib pointed out
another use that I had not thought of. You can use the same function to import blog entries or other website information into RefWorks. If you have ever cited a website, you know it can be a pain. You need to know things like when was it accessed, when was it created, and the URL. RefWorks saves all that information for you. Just pick your citation format and let RefWorks do all the work.

RefWorks is available to the Case community, and the links are available at the bottom of the Research Databases page.

[VIA: RSS4Lib: Citing Blogs with Refworks]

Posted by Brian Gray on December 18, 2006 08:00 AM
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