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March 23, 2007

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (1841-1902)

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (1841-1902) was produced by the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection and funded by the Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle was published from 1841 to 1955, then revived for a short time from 1960 to 1963. In this first phase, the digitization covers the period from October 26, 1841 to December 31, 1902, representing half of the Eagle's years of publication.

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March 19, 2007

Student Portal with Chemical Prices

ICIS is working on a new student portal, or "knowledge zone". Right now it links to some resources available to students. In the future, they "hope it will turn into a space in which students and academics worldwide can communicate and discuss issues with each other, and showcase their best work to the wider world, not least potential employers."

ICIS with the annoucement of this new student portal has helped to fill a need for chemical prices. ICIS now provides "you with historical chemical prices. Note that these prices are a guide only, and must not be used to guide real-time business." the prices are taken from This broad list of chemical prices is taken from the August 28, 2006 issue of Chemical Market Reporter (now rebranded as ICIS Chemical Business Americas).

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March 18, 2007

C-SPAN Reduces Copyright Restrictions

Confessions of a Mad Librarian notes that C-SPAN has reduced restrictions on copyright. The new policy reduces restrictions on its coverage of federal activities, so bloggers and other sites can use the material "to increase the political dialogue".

Blogs are changing the information and copyright landscapes for future users.

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March 11, 2007


NetWellness is a non-profit consumer health web site that has been in operation for over ten years. It provides high quality information created and evaluated by medical and health professional faculty at the University of Cincinnati, Case Western Reserve University, and The Ohio State University.

[VIA: Case Daily - March 05, 2007]

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March 03, 2007 Announces New African-American Family History Records

Genealogy site has announced a huge new collection of African-American family history records, though compared to the passenger list collection it’s being positively chintzy with the free access (sign up for a free account and get three days free access, as opposed to “free access until the end of November”.)

This collection includes more than 55 million African-American family history records includes US Colored Troops service records, Freedmen’s Bureau records, and narratives from 3,500 former slaves. (Southern Claims Commission records are on the way.) The US Federal Census collection, which spans 1790-1930, has been upgraded to users can search for African-American entries (there are 53 million of them in the census.)

To get more information, visit the collection directly at .

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March 01, 2007

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Injury Data

The Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities (IIF) program provides data on illnesses and injuries on the job and data on worker fatalities. It is maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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