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March 30, 2008

Harvard Faculty Approves Open Access Policy

On February 12, 2008, Harvard's faculty have agreed to provide their scholarly articles online and available to everyone. For more information see American Libraries summary.

Harvard’s move is seen as giving a significant boost to the open access movement, which champions free, permanent online access to peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly material.

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March 10, 2008

IEEE Xplore Downtime

An IEEE Xplore upgrade is scheduled for Saturday, 15 March, 2008. During this upgrade, the system will be unavailable for up to four (4) hours beginning at approximately 10:00 am EDT (UTC/GMT - 4 hours).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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March 08, 2008

KSL Closed

The Kelvin Smith Library has closed Saturday, March 8th, due to the weather. Please take advantage of our online databases, eJournals, and other online tools.

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March 06, 2008

Read an Ebook Week

I think every activity has a day or week declared in its support. Read an Ebook Week runs from March 2-8, 2008.

EPublishers Weekly provides a list of 30 Benefits of Ebooks in support of this week.

We love pbooks (paper books), and hope that they are never replaced by their electronic grandchildren. Yet ebooks are a worthy companion to their paper elders.

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