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The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery

The Vincent van Gogh Gallery claims to be the most thorough and comprehensive Van Gogh resource on the World Wide Web. It claims to display 100% of Vincent van Gogh's works and letters. The collection contains over 4000 graphics, including paintings, drawings, watercolors, letters, letter sketches, and other graphics. The images are very high quality.

[VIA: The Scout Report, August 18, 2006, Volume 12, Number 33]

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Classical Music Recordings of Black Composers: A Reference Guide

At the Classical Music Recordings of Black Composers web site, you will find a variety of information including a comprehensive Black composer discography. It will ease the search for specific recorded works by these composers. In an effort to increase awareness, this web site has being undertaken to unveil and to acknowledge black composers and their creative output within the rich tapestry of classical music.

The 800+ listed works are primarily instrumental, ranging in format from solo to orchestral. This reference guide also includes the recording label and the catalog identification number.

Overall, more than four hundred classical music composers of African heritage have been identified. Recorded offerings, therefore, represent only a small subset of this total creative output.

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Interactive Music Skill Checks

Here is a collection of interactive skill tests for music theory, musicianship, and music appreciation. The site includes tests for pitch, rhythm, scales, cords, intervals, and melody. It is Java-based.

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Music Plagiarism Project

The Music Plagiarism Project comprises hundreds of documents (texts, scores, audio and video files) associated with music copyright infringement cases in the United States from 1845 forward. These documents have been collected and edited by Charles Cronin, a librarian at Columbia Law School, who is also responsible for all commentary and analysis in this site. The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning is providing ongoing assistance with the digitization and organization of the materials in this site.

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Architect Studio 3D, from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

Design a house in 3D with Frank Lloyd Wright! On this web site, you can design a house, walk through it in 3D, then share it with the world. You can also learn more about architecture, past and present, and explore Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work. You'll need the free Shockwave plug-in.

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Copyright Laws Severely Limit Availability of Music

The Library of Congress has reported that over 70 percent of American music recorded before 1965 is not legally available in the United States. Older materials fall out of print as the buying public's interest decrease and the copyright holders have low monetary reasons to reoffer the older materials.

Listen to the NPR news story that even offers some samples of the music no longer available, unless you locate a collector.

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Leonardo DaVinci notebooks available online.

askSam Systems, is a company that designs and publishes text database and web publishing tools. They have just made a database of Leonardo DaVinci's notebooks freely available on the web. It is comprised of over 1500 pages filled with his ideas, thoughts and tips. Entries are strictly text - no drawings or sketches. It is a searchable database which adds to it's value. It is not a particularly attractive product in my opinion, but could be very useful for those interested in DaVinci.

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Internet Archive of 78s

From the ResearchBuzz (May 29, 2005), came an announcement of an Internet Archive of MP3 files recorded from old 78s. Files are sorted by author's name.

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