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Games for the Brain
Keep yourself mentally sharp by exercising your mind and having some fun at the same time!!! Once you visit and take a look at what's available, you'll likely start visiting on a regular basis. These games have been developed of Philipp Lenssen who also edits one of the very best blogs devoted to Google.
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Scary Fun SItes

Just in time for Halloween! Check out these urban legend and other scary sites. Compiled by Resources of the Week editor Shirl Kennedy.

+ Urban Legends Reference Pages: Always check here first, since this is the motherlode...and it's nicely organized, for browsing and searching. Links on the front page will take you to the newest and 25 hottest urban legends. Both pages have their own RSS feeds. For each tale, you'll learn where it came from (if possible) whether it is true, false, or undetermined/ambiguous. References and links to related information are often included. Killer dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico? Probably not. But they have been trained to detect mines, which could be useful.

+ CIAC Hoax Pages (Hoaxbusters): This website is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability. However, the site maintainers tell us, "At CIAC, we find that we spend much more time de-bunking hoaxes than handling real virus and Trojan incidents. These pages describe some of the warnings, offers, and pleas for help that are filling our mailboxes, clogging our mailservers, and that generally do not have any basis in fact." You can browse by category (including fake virus/malicious code warnings) or search the archive. There's also a Full Hoax Index that allows you to see, on a single page, the contents of all the other pages on the site. Also included is a comprehensive list of links to other hoax sites, as well as scam/fraud information and reporting sites.

+ Urban Legends and Folklore: You can search and browse here as well, but as it typical for sites, the cluttered interface can be distracting. Below the title of each entry, on the right, you'll see information about the origin of the rumor/hoax, its status and a link to a brief analysis. Clicking on Hoax Central on the lefthand nav bar takes you to a collection of stuff that is currently floating around, including Bogus Websites (remember the Bonsai Kitten?) and Faux Photos (always amusing). There's a top 25 list here as well, and an image quiz (real or fake?).

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