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Political Ads Database

Are you doing research in politics or looking for some juicy bits for a blog posting? Take a look at the Political Ads Database, which is operated by the Washington Post. You can browse by candidate, organization, state, party, race, etc. So far the collection appears to be limited to the year 2006.

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CQ Press in Context

[From June 2005 Press Release]
In an event that opens up broad access to non-partisan, in-depth analysis of today’s hottest political and government issues, CQ Press has just introduced CQ Press in Context. This is a free web site that features selections from the award-winning CQ Press Electronic Library. The site offers anyone with access to the Internet a substantial sampling of the valuable CQ Press content that is usually available only on a subscription basis.

The site's current topic, "Future of the Supreme Court," focuses on the expected retirement of Chief Justice Rehnquist and the partisan battle predicted to follow in the U.S. Senate when President Bush nominates a replacement.

CQ Press strives to provide readers with objective, accessible, high quality information on government and politics, and in this way help to advance democracy. “We’re excited about CQ Press in Context because it fits in so well with our publishing mission,” says Kathryn C. Suárez, Director of Reference Publishing at CQ Press. “This initiative will bring our content to a much wider audience. Of course, we hope that the selections available here will increase awareness of the entire CQ Press Electronic Library. But we believe that students, educators, and interested citizens will find this free site an incredibly useful resource on its own.”

Here is some of the wide-ranging content that visitors to CQ Press in Context can access right now:

  • The entire CQ Researcher report, “Supreme Court’s Future” (January 2005)
  • Overviews of controversial nominations from recent U.S. history;
  • Selections from the Robert Bork confirmation battle plus context-building commentary;
  • An essay on how Supreme Court nominations are affected by politics;
  • A detailed explanation of the filibuster, and more.

These offerings and the many others available at CQ Press in Context provide critical background information to help readers clarify and expand their understanding of this important issue. The site also offers links to other useful and relevant sources (free resources and related CQ Press electronic and print products).

CQ Press plans to update CQ Press in Context frequently, targeting new topics as they emerge as major issues. “We hope that once people see what this site has to offer, they’ll spread the word,” says Suárez. “We’d like CQ Press in Context to become a first stop for anyone who wants to become educated and informed about key issues and events of the day.”

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Public Radio Feeds provides a list of public radio programs and related information. The list is designed in XML format to be used with your favorite RSS feed reader. The list of links may lead to summaries of programs, web sites of programs, or a link to access the program. [Shared from MAKE: Blog]

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