December 11, 2005

Learning plan

When reading my learning plan, and reading the early comments made on it, i have the feeling that the professor didn't thoroughly read my paper before making her comments. I mean i understand that it's hard to grade all the papers and we all appreciate it, but it still confuses us that comments are made about stuff that we should mention, forgetting that they have either being already motioned or mentioned later on. I just hope that the grading could be done a littlie bet better on the final paper, and that it is actually fully read before graded.

Whish i would have done that

Participate more in the class, that's what I wish I would have done more of in this class. I think what prevented me from participating more often is that most of what se discussed in class was not very interesting and boring. And it's not like I have nothing to say, but it was just lack of interest, and me getting bogged about people making some very obvious comments. What's interesting though that from talking to several classmates that are taking this course the general feeling they have for the course is the same, boring and not very interesting. I mean some of the stuff we do are very helpful and I’m glad we did them, but the in class stuff are like I said boring. Hope next semester’s class will be a littlie bet more fun to go to.

The greater Good

During one of the group meetings, we had a very heated discussion about the Harassment Case. At the begin gin I thought that we should fire them both. The reason behind that was the fact that the company had very strict rules about cases like this, but at the same time we wanted to maintain or credibility in recruiting new employees and to prevent further fraud. But our decision was to fire Ted and to issue a written warning to Chris. This came from the fact that we wanted to prevent the possibility of Harassed females being afraid to speak out in the future in fear of similar circumstances. We thought that fraud can be prevented by issuing a more strict policy about reviewing new application in the future.

Learning plan

One of the hard things that I have faced while doing my Learning plan was the goal settings. I mean we all have a plan, but most never had to write down and state reasons for it. This is why I’m glad that we did that in our learning plan, because it actually helps to recognize more goals and further the big plan. This is one of the things that I thought I benefited greatly from during this class.

Hodland code

Like many did i thought the Holland code was flawed. I mean so many were lost and not knowing where to stand during lecture because the interests were too general and like many including myself have varying interests, and they could be opposites according to the Holland code. I just don't like being caricaturized and being limited to one interest or just two. And this code fails to recognize someone’s interests and match them accordingly with what they are doing. I mean it doesn't have to be the same thing for all people in some field that made them like it.

November 06, 2005

HR simulation 2

I just realized that the HR simulation, might be the only thing that is really worthwhile in this class. I mean no disrespect, but with having to wright all these papers about ourselves, and doing all these tests, and then having a really bad grade in everything you do, you just can not help but hate the class. I mean somebody have already posted about how harsh the grading in this class is. I'm not saying it should be an easy ride, but it is hard for some people to talk about them selfs, and i never thought you can actually grade someone on what they think about them selfs, sure you can help know more about themselves but i do not think you have the right to judge them. Usually i would never mind it, but i will start minding it when you become extremely critical.

Jonah Creighton

I really think that Jonah Creighton is just forgetting the fact that racism still exits, even in the United States. I mean how ignorant can you be, to think just because their were some actions taken against racism in the United States make it disappear everywhere else. I mean i respect his willing to stand, but it is not shocking and he should have expected that from the begging, especially when trying to place Black employees in Europe. He must be really naive to think otherwise